What some of our clients have said about Breakthrough Family Law:

testimonials– A S

‘I appreciated Jeannette’s sympathetic and empathic approach in what was a highly charged and emotional time for both of us. She was able to help us to be practical, sensible and improve our communication. She was supportive and understanding of both of us without favouring one of the other.

testimonials– A P

‘It was really useful to use a mediator who was able to give us both guidance on a fair settlement and talk through options, the fact that Jeannette is also a practising solicitor was more than helpful

testimonials– S L

Very quick turnaround, clear and sensible approach and very supportive!

testimonials– S Michells

The team were very sensitive and understanding about my background and the cultural issues involved. All advice was given in my own language. I felt safe in their hands.

testimonials– R Jones

Our intention was to agree an amicable settlement out of court. Catherine mediated very well and I must say, was very professional throughout.

testimonials– E Laven

I received all the help, support and advice I needed. Breakthrough’s team helped close a miserable chapter in my life.

testimonials– M Rose

Breakthrough’s team negotiated joint custody of our child on the basis of what was best for him. Thank you Catherine for guiding us so skilfully through the process.

testimonials– N Cowell

I feel safe knowing my future livelihood is in my hands and not in my partner’s or a judge’s. My pre-nuptial agreement was signed and completed before my second marriage.

testimonials– A Fulton

Thank you for all your care and patience during this extremely difficult time.

testimonials– Mr Fletcher

Thank you for dealing so sensitively and expertly with what was a very difficult and drawn out case.

testimonials– R Stratton

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your professional service throughout my divorce process.

testimonials– A Garland

I had no hesitation in recommending Breakthrough to my friend. I only wish I had used them myself... They had acted for my ex-husband!


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