Fixed Price Divorce

We can offer a fixed price divorce for £550.00 including VAT. This is a low cost divorce and our fee for progressing the work to complete a standard divorce for you. There is a further fee paid to the Court once proceedings for divorce are issued for the sum of £550.00.

What are the advantages?

  1. We arrange for you to have an initial free telephone consultation with a Divorce Solicitor to provide you with legal advice, and to explain exactly how the divorce process will proceed.
  2. We will send you more information about the process and also an information form for you to complete so that we can begin the divorce process for you.
  3. We will then complete the divorce process for you in the following stages:
    • Drafting a Divorce Petition.
    • Sending a letter to your spouse with a draft of the Petition.
    • Advising you following a response to this letter.
    • Issuing the Petition with the court who will seal it and send it to your spouse.
    • Checking with the Court that your spouse has filed the Acknowledgement of Service with the Court.
    • Drafting the compulsory statement and application to apply for your Decree Nisi.
    • Once you have approved and signed this, we send the completed statement and application to the Court.
    • Drafting an application for the Decree Absolute.
    • Keeping you informed as the Divorce progresses and sending you the important documents when they are issued by the court.
    • Once you have received your Decree Absolute your divorce is complete.

What work will not be included in the fixed fee scheme?

  • If the divorce is defended.
  • If we have to employ the services of a Process Server because the acknowledgment of service is not returned to the court.
  • It reduces tension and conflict by encouraging co-operation.
  • It is preferable for the children with a reduction of conflict.
  • The cost of obtaining a copy of your marriage certificate if you are unable to find it.
  • Advice about property, finances and children matters.
  • Enforcing an Order for costs.
  • A cross petition. This is when the Respondent disagrees with the grounds for divorce claimed in the petition and prepares a document giving their own reasons for the breakdown in the marriage.

The procedure for dealing with finances and children matters is separate to the divorce procedure. This generally proceeds alongside the divorce procedure. The divorce procedure will take you from being married to being divorced but will not conclude your financial arrangements. You may still need to resolve matters such as the family home, pensions, savings, investments and maintenance. You have various options to resolve any issues you may have about how to divide this up. You can use a mediator, resolve it directly with your spouse or use the help of a solicitor. We are happy to give you more information about these options in a free telephone consultation.

If you need help from a solicitor with arrangements involving your children, again you have various options as above and we can also advise on the best option in a free telephone consultation.

What do I do next?

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Why Breakthrough?

We aim to keep the time and cost expended on bringing the marriage to an end to a minimum.


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