Dealing with the Divorce Process Yourself

(Litigant in Person)

Dealing with the divorce process yourself

Are you dealing with the divorce process yourself? Have you been trying to deal with the consequences of the breakdown of your relationship yourself, but are you struggling in trying to represent yourself? Would you like professional help, but are concerned not to over commit to a solicitor for fear of legal costs? Would you like us to help you with some of the process? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes”, then please read our section entitled “Litigant in Person” below

We can help you with any part of the process that you may be struggling with and do not need to actually represent you. You can be in control of what you would like your solicitor to do and exactly how much help and work you want. This can help to keep your costs within your budget. We can help you with certain aspects of the process as follows:

  • Drafting applications and documents/orders.
  • Negotiations with your husband, wife or partner.
  • Provide representation or advocacy services where required.
  • Check documents received by you, or those prepared by you.
  • Advise on a financial settlement, options and strategy.

By helping you in this way, we aim to take some of the strain and struggle away and give you piece of mind. It is important that you feel in control of the process and outcome armed with expert information and advice. We can help you in specific ways at your request. (Within the profession this is called ‘unbundling.’)

Litigant in Person

Dealing with the divorce process yourself

Most people experiencing the pain and angst resulting from a relationship breakdown need professional advice and assistance to steer them through the many options available to ensure the best possible outcome.

We have found that people can be reluctant to see a solicitor through fear of cost. At Breakthrough we fully understand this concern, which is why we are also able to provide a ‘Consult Us’ service for you to access advice and assistance to enable you to manage your costs as much as possible, (known as ‘Unbundling’)

If this works for you, we can give you guidance at particular stages of the process, without providing the continuous full service a solicitor might otherwise provide In other words, aspects of our service can be disconnected from the whole process and unbundled.

In effect, you manage much of your case on your own, and employ our expertise, to perhaps consult us, draft a document, represent you at a court hearing or write a letter for you.

Of course, with our specialist expertise we will advise you if we feel that an unbundled approach is wrong for you or that unbundling might lead to an adverse outcome.

For the service we offer, we will need an opportunity to fully understand the particular difficulties you face so we can identify the unbundled areas where you would need help from us. We can discuss this potential option in the course of our initial half hour free advice session will be provided by a solicitor at a meeting at our offices or by telephone, or at an initial fixed fee consultation which will give greater opportunity to go through your requirements in more detail and if the unbundled route will be best for you.

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We can tailor our service to your requirements, allowing you to control how much input to your case you require from us throughout.


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